Jim Morrison photographed by Joel Brodsky


the year is 2076 woody allen is still alive and still recycling the annie hall storyline of angsty self loathing white people in overly romanticized cities from his hospital bed

Throughout the film, Martin Scorsese used Xs mostly shown in the background to mark characters for death; examples include shots of Costigan walking through the airport while talking to Sgt. Dignam, Queenan falling to his death (on the building’s glass windows as Queenan falls to the ground), and Sullivan in his office discussing the flow of information with Costello (the X is created by the light shining through the window). This is a homage to Howard Hawks’ classic film Scarface (1932).

"Don’t dream it, be it."

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)


"If I’m going to burn down the cinema, which I am, we both know you’re not going to let me do it by myself. Because you love me. And I love you. And you’re the only person on this earth I can trust"

Inglourious Basterds (2009)
Quentin Tarantino


Viktor & Rolf Fall 2006 PFW


*gets a 200 note post* *looks in mirror* fame changed you